Praising Jesus and Teaching His Word

Marriage Ministry

After years of struggle in our own marriage, and near divorce, my wife saw a couple on the 700 Club, a program with uplifting testimonies of God’s grace in people’s lives. This couple, much like ourselves, was near divorce but had decided instead to ‘give their marriage to God’, much in the same way as giving your life, becoming born again. We also decided to do just that, handed Him our marriage as a child would a broken toy and asked God to fix what we could not. We cannot say it happened overnight; it took OBEDIENCE to seek God and a DESIRE to do His will. It took CHOOSING to show love to each other and to deem the other more important than self. It took a desire to honor God and prayers that He would restore a love lost.

The love we share today is far beyond what we could have ever dreamed possible, a sweet love, stronger than any fairy tale romance ever written because it has been restored and set on fire by ourBob_and_Barb Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God’s Word says He will never leave us or forsake us. Turn to Him, trust in Him, rely on His mercies to see you through.”

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