Praising Jesus and Teaching His Word

Maintenance Ministry

Behind every great ministry are the hands that help in doing the work. Not every man has been called to preach or to teach, but every man has been called to do those things which the Lord lays upon our hearts. You may see little things that the Lord prompts you to help with, but not knowing how or where to start you use the excuse is that someone else is already doing that. But maybe in doing the little thing you feel God has called you to do, you are freeing someone else to do other things that are currently left undone. And these things could be as simple as wiping down tables after church on Sundays, to picking up trash as you walk through the parking lot, to volunteering to help clean the church on a weekly basis or more.

Areas of opportunity include:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance project
  • Landscaping
  • Phone Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement

If you are interested in helping but are not sure where to start, please contact Jason Houk.